Movement of goods - fast, safety and mainly comfortable

Since the year  1999 ,   we follow these three principles in every single consignment handling .  The initial focus  on Denmark   has turned out to be our strong point that persists to this day.

Our 80 vehicles are ready to deliver your consignment mostly  to every place in Europe .
By using the vehicles with  various categories of  loading capacity  we are able to meet the all  requirements of our clients fast,  safety and comfortable. Whether you need to deliver  smaller parcels or heavy goods we are committed to customer satisfaction.  We are an ideal partner for transport of different commodities .

Trust in our professional team

The Certificates of Quality as well as our  membership in  the  Slovak Logistics and Freight Forwarding Association (ZLZ SR)  prove our unparalleled reliability and quality of work.  Long-term experiences and  skills offered by our professionals  are not the only reason why  it is worth to use our  services .

So do not hesitate and contact us and we  deliver your goods exactly to the place as per your wish.